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Turn your cook into Chef

Hire a Chef or Attach your Cook with us. We will turn them into Chef & do all material management required to prepare amazing food on daily basis at nominal rate


In India, if we want to hire a cook, we generally look for some didi or bai nearby who use to work in household. It is because professional chefs are very expensive to hire. So we generally guide the Cooks to prepare the food as per our requirement. Cooks have a very basic knowledge of cooking. They only know cooking which they use to perform at their own houses. Another Big problem is material management at houses. Even few cooks prepare good recipes, but due to lack of proper material required for cooking, leads to ordinary cooking which leads to disatisfaction.
At Cook2Chef, we train those cooks to learn various dishes like Indian, Continental, Chinese, Thai etc . We prepare a Food schedule for you on a weekly/Bi-weekly basis & follow the schedule . We also appoint a material manager who will buy Recipes material for your household so you will get perfect dishes every day


chef training

We will train the cook every week with various delicious recipes like Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental, Thai etc.

food calender

We will prepare a food calender for Breakfast, Lunch & dinner as per your recomendation & follow it with full discipline

grocery management

We will appoint an Operation manager for you who will prepare food calender & purchase Grocery to acheive perfect recipes

feedback & improvement

Our Operation manager will take weekly feedback from you to improve the recipes & operation

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